Myth Holdings (3396.HK) Announced 2021 Annual Results

HONG KONG, Apr 1, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – In line with South China Morning Publish, World market experienced one other rock Three hundred and sixty five days. The influence of COVID-19 quiet no longer got away, the chaos of world offer chain showed that the enviornment quiet need time to recover; the aftermath of geopolitical factors heavily haunted the world capital markets, extra sparked investor issues. In such an ambiance, a comprehensive firm with a receive industry foundation and years of ahead-having a thought layout tends to private elevated possibility tolerance, equivalent to Myth Holdings. The firm announced its 2021 annual results yesterday, achieving a exact enhance.

Mr. Li Peng, CEO of Myth Holdings said: “the firm reinforced its foothold in its industries of level of curiosity, proactively responded to the influence of the pandemic and varied exterior environmental changes, dynamically modified industry programs and elevated investment in abilities and innovation. Myth Holdings realized a earnings of RMB489.872 billion, an amplify of 17% Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days, and a receive profit attributable to equity holders of the Firm of RMB5.755 billion, an amplify of 49% Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days. Both earnings and profit hit recent excessive.”

Continuous Growth Momentum of Industrial Operations Segment, Industrial Basis Extra Consolidated
Myth Holdings’ sound efficiency is primarily as a result of chronic enhance momentum of business operations section, pillar corporations on this section consolidate present advantages and deepen innovation in all parts, particularly Lenovo, Levima Evolved Supplies, Joyvio Neighborhood and Banque Internationale a Luxembourg S. A (BIL).

In 2021, Lenovo seized the alternatives of world digitalization and brilliant transformation, the three core businesses done sage-excessive results and additional development of profitability, ensuing in a receive profit attributable to equity holders of Myth Holdings amounted to RMB4.019 billion, an amplify of 92% Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days. Lenovo has repeatedly attached importance to investment in science and abilities, and in 2021, it situation a aim of “investing an annual real looking of RMB20 billion in R&D within the next three years and doubling its R&D personnel to at the least 24,000”. At most modern, linked work is progressing progressively. In the fourth quarter of 2021, it invested RMB3.5 billion, representing a Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days amplify of 38%.

Levima Evolved Supplies adhered to its innovation-driven plan with a 60% Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days amplify in R&D investment and planned to speculate RMB10 billion within the fields of recent energy provides and biodegradable provides, some projects private already began. Making essentially the most of issues equivalent to solid request for price recent energy merchandise, improved operational efficiency, and excessive-smash differentiated product programs, it realized a receive profit attributable to equity holders of Myth Holdings of RMB565 million, an amplify of 70% Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days.

Joyvio Neighborhood continued to level of curiosity on its two predominant industry lines, particularly excessive-smash fruit and premium animal protein and turned loss into profit thru a series of initiatives at some level of the reporting duration. BIL repeatedly upgraded its industry fashions and in 2021, all of its key industry indicators recorded Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days enhance, CET-1 ratio as much as 14.15%, receive profit attributable to equity holders of Myth Holdings amounted to RMB873 million, an amplify of 35% Three hundred and sixty five days-on-Three hundred and sixty five days (excluding change rate variations).

By the above corporations’ efficiency, we can gain that in 2021, Myth Holdings has no longer most effective solidified the foundation of business operations, but also elevated investment in abilities innovation in response to national programs, and the future form of the firm is anticipated to be value having a thought ahead to. Myth Holdings has a custom of deep involvement within the sphere of workmanship and innovation, and this grunt could be fully demonstrated in its industries incubations and investments section.

Growing Industrial Incubations and Investments, Increased Toughen for Skills Start-ups
Myth Holdings has deployed abilities delivery-americafor a protracted time, and in 2021, Myth Holdings continued to redouble its efforts in investment and monetary relieve in relation to scientific and technological innovation.

With the background of the executive attaching huge importance to the near of the semiconductor alternate, Myth Holdings has earlier made a strategic investment within the excessive-tech firm Fullhan Microelectronics, which specialised within the form and form of chips, and additional elevated its maintaining shares to 15.90% in 2021. Fullhan Microelectronics maintained a excessive share of R&D investment and promoted the near and make stronger of product lines. It has developed a total product line from simulation to digitization and from front smash to back smash, with its R&D expenditure up by bigger than 100% over the old Three hundred and sixty five days. In 2021, Myth Holdings and Fullhan Microelectronics jointly founded Hanlian Semiconductor Industrial Fund for bigger cooperation within the semiconductor alternate.

By Myth Capital and Myth Star, Myth Holdings invested in bigger than 100 recent progressive technological projects, retaining progressed abilities, biomedicine, progressed manufacturing, TMT, and varied fields, with 21 of its investee corporations getting into domestic and in a international nation capital markets. As of the smash of 2021, there private been 39 corporations invested by Myth Holdings private been selected into the listing of national-stage Specialized, Fined, Peculiar, and Innovative (SFPI) enterprises. To boot, Myth Holdings and its subsidiaries’ businesses private also supported the growth of shut to 200 Chinese SFPI enterprises thru offer chain procurement, monetary relieve and legit products and services.

The Myth Holdings’ long-timeframe investment in corporations with excessive technological skill shows the insight to future. These actions would present plentiful monetary returns and long-timeframe type and ought to quiet extra nurture or place a range of enterprises to design shut in main positions whereas having pretty profitability in multiple industries and fields, meanwhile destroy extra contributions to the near of progressive technological industries of China in your next step.

Comprehensively Strengthening ESG-linked Initiatives
In most modern years, world warming has ended in a range of environmental issues equivalent to melting glaciers and rising sea ranges, which has also excited the topic of a immense kind of countries. With the introduction of China’s “carbon peaking and neutrality” target remaining Three hundred and sixty five days and the unanimous resolution to “bustle up native weather action” at the 26th United Nations Climate Trade Conference, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been elevated to a brand recent stage, and the capital market is paying extra consideration to corporate ESG initiatives, which could additionally additionally highlight corporate values.

In 2021, Myth Holdings reinforced and utilized its ESG-linked initiatives into on each day foundation working continually. Lenovo reduced carbon emissions by 92% at some level of the last decade, selected as a UN Evolved Industrial Practices case for low carbon practices. In 2021, It also situation a aim of achieving receive zero carbon emissions by 2050 and actively exports merchandise, products and services and alternatives to encourage varied industries manufacture carbon neutrality. Levima Evolved Supplies also safe the ambiance in its industry, put interesting efforts to originate recent energy and biodegradable provides, and successfully done the wishes of lower energy consumption and greenhouse gasoline emissions thru varied initiatives.

In the case of ESG investments that non-public emerged in most modern years, Myth Holdings’ subsidiaries are also at the forefront. BIL formally grew to was a signature-identified bank of the United Nations World Compact and the United Nations Tips for Guilty Banking (UN PRBs) and helped Chinese-invested enterprises successfully discipline inexperienced bonds. Myth Capital, as the first main VC/PE institution in China becoming a member of United Nations Organization for Guilty Funding, has invested in over 20 “dual-carbon” abilities-primarily based enterprises.

Having a thought into future, Mr. Ning Min, chairman of Myth Holdings said: “We private never forgotten our mission of promoting technological innovation, helping industrial type, and our social accountability as an world endeavor rooted in China. Facing the future, we’re going to be in a position to continually relieve an delivery mind, a pragmatic type, uphold the entrepreneurial spirit, switch ahead with braveness, and destroy extra clear contributions to the recent generation with receive achievements on the recent slump within the smash.”

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